Left V. Right Political Business As Usual

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Why Violent Crime Goes Down

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Hillary Way Out Front…That Is in Hillary for Prison

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Open Thread – 22nd Day, 10th Month, 2016

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Brady Campaign’s Lies About Toddlers and Guns, and Hillary Says “Heller” Was About Toddlers

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Buchanan: Pushing Revolution

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How Much Are Mountain Lions “Eating” Into Your Hunting Opportunities?

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What We Can’t See: Reaping The Rewards of Propaganda’s Brainwashing

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Open Thread – 21st Day, 10th Month, 2016

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Retired Maine State Police Colonel Says Vote No on Question 3

By Tom There is a plea going out for funds to help keep the effort to stop Bloomberg. To donate: <a target=_self href="http://www.addtoany.com/add_to/twitter?linkurl=http%3A%2F%2Ftomremington.com%2F2016%2F10%2F20%2Fretired-maine-state-police-colonel-says-vote-no-on-question-3%2F&linkname=Retired%20Maine%20State%20Police%20Colonel%20Says%20Vote%20No%20on%20Question%203" …read more