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Guns and Meat Are Bad And Save The School Children From Those Bad Gun Advocates

By Rattler Rider “let’s say you’re going to grow pertussis which is part of the DPT shot, you’ve got to get a horse …read more

Oxidation And Dis Ease Reversal

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Cynthia G is Beautiful and Crazy

By Rattler Rider Boule Society Of Nazis The Boule Society or Sigma Pi Phi is the highest level African American secret society inside the …read more

Patriotism/Belief in Constitutionalism Is a Religion Where People Believe That Document Applies To All Men Despite Overwhelming Evidence To The Contrary…

By Rattler Rider If the federalists acting upon their federally constituted authority were interested in proving that the constitution is applicable towards all …read more

All The World Deceived

By Rattler Rider Revelation 12:9 1599 9 And the great dragon that old serpent, called the devil and Satan, was cast out, which deceiveth …read more

World Animal Perversion Out of Control

By Tom I often speak of how perverse our society has become when it comes to animals. This is mostly in reference …read more

The Aluminum Foil Suitors Deception has Been Foiled

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Wind Energy Blows! It’s a Racket Paid For By You and I

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Open Thread – 21st Day, 4th Month, 2018

By Tom People Demand It, They Want It, They Love It, They Got It Please use this open thread to post your ideas, …read more

Zinke Signs Secretarial Orders to Increase Recreational Opportunities on Public Lands and Waters

By Tom Press Release from the Department of Interior: *Editor’s Note* – Please note the actual intent of the Secretary’s orders. Nothing he …read more