California Dreaming…

Dreaming of getting back down to Texas, that is…

Yeah, I’m not gonna sit and whine (too much) about being back in CA.  I’ve done that enough. 

I wouldn’t mind having some time to get out and enjoy some of the parts of the Golden State that I actually like, but that’s just not happening.   Too much work, and a lot of packing to do.  I’m down to the home stretch on this move, and there’s a lot that needs to happen.

Nevertheless, I did remember to get my big game tag applications in this year.  Did you?  The deadline was Saturday.  I expect to end up with points, but I did apply for the G3 deer hunt and Grizzly Island elk.  Who knows? 

I was really hoping to make an elk hunt in CO this year, but it looks like I may need to put that off a little longer.  Still holding open the option of an archery hunt, though, since that’s an over-the-counter tag and I can do it at the last minute if I have to.  I’m pretty eager to get back to some serious hunting.  It’s been way too long.

I know it’s only June, but most states’ draw deadlines have passed or are passing.  What are you folks putting in for this year?