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Bear Mauls 12-Year-Old Girl to Death

But this must be a lie. Bears don’t attack people. The Times of India even reports that, “At least 10 persons and two bears have been killed in bear-human being conflict in Kotpad forest range in past few weeks.” It must something the people are doing to piss off the bears and causing them to

I Repeat! It’s ALWAYS the Humans’ Fault With Bears

I earlier wrote an article about how it’s always the man’s fault when bears make bad decisions. Well, another article, out of Vermont, further substantiates my claim that when bears make bad decisions, humans must suffer the consequences of the bear’s actions. Now in Vermont, in order that bears are further protected, humans have to

When Bears Intrude, It’s ALWAYS the Humans’ Fault

When I’m reincarnated (only kidding) I want to be a bear, or some other large, worshiped predator. These critters can do no wrong. Imagine, according to American’s indoctrination by our institutions of higher brainwashing, a certain percentage of humans in this country will turn out “bad” – that is make bad choices, etc. I once

Russian Bear Smarter Than Average U.S. Politician

Being Stupid Ain’t Being Funny

This opinion piece is perhaps the worst I’ve ever come across in my many years of reading, researching and writing about hunting and other outdoor issues. Perhaps the article is really dated June 20, 1913. Not only is the information in the article irrelevant and inaccurate, it isn’t even funny……at any level. Oh, and was

Problems With Bears

In Montana, efforts to “haze” a black bear proved futile and so authorities shot the bear instead. Just an egg sucking bear? No not really but this now dead bear, has a hankering for killing chickens. The bear killed 40 of the feathered friends and thus had to die. On June 10, 2013, I wrote

In Maine It’s That Time When Coyotes Devour Deer Fawns

The below caption and photograph was sent to me via email. This occurred in “Downeast” Maine recently. The person who sent this to me is very trustworthy and I assume the photo and story to be authentic. This is about the time that whitetail deer in Maine have their fawns. The coyotes and bears have

Some of Those “Rare” Bear Attacks and Encounters

No, bears do not necessarily attack humans because they are threatening offspring or caught them by surprise. This 82-year-old woman was in bed sleeping when a 400 lb. bear broke into her house and beat her up some. So, what prompted that? She must have been encroaching on the bears. In Minnesota, a woman had

Too Many Bears, Too Many Predator Lovers

Maine has a lot of forest. Maine has a lot of bears. Too many bears presents too many problems, like killing too many deer and moose fawns in the Spring and bears banging down people’s back doors and yards looking for something to eat, either because of too many bears or not enough to eat

Hungry Bears

In a way I sort of chuckled yesterday when I read a short news story from a Maine NBC television affiliate, WCSH6 out of Portland, about hungry bears coming out of hibernation. Specifically I got a kick out of this statement: Police on Tuesday advised residents of one Rumford neighborhood to take in their bird