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Lovin It: Rare Bird Chopped Up by Windmill

Powerline tells of a rare bird, a white-throated needletail, to be seen in the Hebrides. People rushed to catch a glimpse of the bird only to be witness to it meeting its fate by flying into the blade of a windmill, smashing its head, causing it to tumble from the sky and land in a

False Alarm! No Predator Drone or Stealth Bomber

I think this photo indisputably proves that the fear of stealth bombers or predator drones attacking homes in Alaska is a false flag. Photo by Al Remington


Even the magpie likes a free meal. Photo by Al Remington

Palm Sunday

Photo by Al Remington


Photo by Al Remington

Red “Reflecting” Poll

I have taken the liberty of naming this now semi famous common redpoll from Alaska, “Reflecting.” It seems when this picture was taken, Reflecting, had just bounced off the glass of the nearby window and was sitting here “reflecting”, or … Continue reading

Common Redpoll – A Different View. Little Bird – Big Bird

Photo by Al Remington Little bird above – Big bird below! Photo by Al Remington

Hello in There!

I’m guessing this might be a common redpoll but not sure. Photo taken someplace in Alaska. Photo by Al Remington

Milt’s Corner Photography – Water Skiing Pelican

The photo captures a brown pelican standing on the back of an anhinga, making it look like he’s either going water skiing or hitching a ride. Milt Inman Photo

Milt’s Corner – 34 Anhingas

Some people confuse an anhinga with a cormorant. The main reason for this photo is the infrequency in which so many anhingas are found in one flock.