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With Thinking That Predates the Flat Earth Society, Obama Clings to Mythology of Man-Caused Climate Change

President Obama has yet to evolve intellectually beyond mythology, detached from any kind of reality found on earth. Or perhaps what he says is dictated by others and why he chose Georgetown University, home of the Jesuits, to demonize anyone who would dare dispute the utterly ridiculous notion that man-caused global warming really exists and

Really Stupid Ideas About People Control and Guns

Shucks! Idaho Isn’t Controlling Wolves Enough

On January 21, 2009 I wrote that when and if the gray wolf in the Northern Rocky Mountains were ever taken off the Endangered Species Act list of protected species and put in the hands of the states, the states … Continue reading

Is Maine’s Coyote Control Plan Just Not Working?

Time to begin making some comparisons and then try to determine if the coyote reduction plan in Maine is flawed or its success or failure is based on uncontrolled circumstances or both. Let’s first examine last year’s coyote report of … Continue reading

Maine Coyote Control Report

If Saving The Environment Were Real

In my opinion, there exists two paradigms concerning the environment and environMENTALism. There’s the apocryphal myth that the actual movement of environmentalism is about protecting resources, clean air and water, etc. This comprises the overwhelming and shallow debates about the … Continue reading

Repeating Nonsense About Predator Control Doesn’t Make it Factual

On September 10, 2012, the Portland Press Herald released an opinion piece in which the author believed that spending money to control the population of coyotes for the benefit of all wildlife was “ill-conceived wildlife measures”. The author claims that … Continue reading

Maine’s Wolf Lover DeJoy and His Claptrap About Coyotes

ShareDaryl DeJoy is executive director of the Wildlife Alliance of Maine. In an OPINION piece published in the Bangor Daily News, Dejoy starts at the very beginning and until the very end, fills his piece with claptrap about coyotes. It’s either his opinion or information from agenda-driven environmental groups who have paid for results from

Agenda 21: Green Kiss of Death


By Executive Order, U.S. President Seizes Full Control of All Assets Private and Governmental

*Scroll for an Update* While you and I were asleep at the wheel, President Barack Obama, who, since becoming president has chosen repeatedly to bypass Congress and govern by executive order, signed another executive order that effectively gives him, or any other president, the authority to seize and control virtually every aspect of existence away