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Moving Farther Away From Wildlife Management to Benefit Species

The Outdoor Wire has an article written by Bill Karr about efforts and legislation in California that continues to destroy proven science and hunting as an integral part of species management. This particular article deals with mountain lions but the proposed policy can be and is being used nationwide in places to accomplish the same

Environmentalism and Religions of the World

I received in my email box a link to an article posted by Daniel Greenfield, called “The End of the World.” The article is an attempt at separating environmentalism from religion. The author appears to have a pretty good grasp of environmentalism but I’m not so sure about religion. Religion, from my perspective and as

Sue-And-Settle Nets Environmentalist Groups Billions

Readers of my work are mostly familiar with the abuses of the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA). Just one of the tactics of abuse of this has been properly established is when environmental groups petition the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to list so many species under protection of the Endangered Species Act,

Breeding Stripes With Spots Yields Sparred Owls

And environMENTALISTS cannot tolerate this natural phenomenon, probably because they believe it is man-caused. As a result, these same mentally ill of the environment cult, plan to spend a cool $ 1 million of tax money a year and begin killing 9,000 striped barred owls because they are breeding with their fetish owl, the spotted

No Money for Free Market Investment but Millions for Environmentalism

*Editor’s Note* Below is a copy of a press release I received yesterday from the National Center for Public Policy Research. One of their members attended a Bank of America shareholders meeting and the CEO was asked why Bank of … Continue reading

Why Johnny Won’t (Be Able To) Hunt

Republished with permission: Why Johnny Won’t (Be Able To) Hunt by John C. Street (After working to qualify as a member of the prestigious state and national outdoor writers associations in the 1990s, the author said he began to notice … Continue reading

David Mech’s Damage Has Been Done – Too Late to Attempt Reconciliation

It seems some readers are agog today over an article discovered to have been published at Daily Kos, discussing supposed errors made in attempts to understand wolf and wildlife science, balance of nature and trophic cascades. At the center of … Continue reading

Obama’s “Jewell” Not Much of a Gem

It seems that President Obama’s choice to succeed Ken Salazar as head of the Department of Interior, Sally Jewell, has some skeletons in her closet that the media doesn’t seem much interested in vetting. A few days ago, I introduced … Continue reading

Environmentalism, Tyrannical Government Destroys Business and Family Lives

Here’s the story of a family that finally gave up trying to fight the government-backed environmental movement and will lose their business, family farm and put 31 working people out of jobs, etc. As Americans we often turn a blind … Continue reading

Ann Bressington on Agenda 21 and Club of Rome

“Environmentalism should become the new One World Religion.”