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With Thinking That Predates the Flat Earth Society, Obama Clings to Mythology of Man-Caused Climate Change

President Obama has yet to evolve intellectually beyond mythology, detached from any kind of reality found on earth. Or perhaps what he says is dictated by others and why he chose Georgetown University, home of the Jesuits, to demonize anyone who would dare dispute the utterly ridiculous notion that man-caused global warming really exists and

Environmentalism and Religions of the World

I received in my email box a link to an article posted by Daniel Greenfield, called “The End of the World.” The article is an attempt at separating environmentalism from religion. The author appears to have a pretty good grasp of environmentalism but I’m not so sure about religion. Religion, from my perspective and as

Thought for Discussion Today

Most people will concur that climate change is ongoing and a “natural” phenomenon. Too many people actually believe that climate change is man-caused and occurs mostly through the generation of carbon dioxide and other, so-called, greenhouse gases. Here is my thoughtful question which can be discussed in the comments section. Environmentalists always portray the effects

Arctic Sea Ice to Grow as Global Cooling Era Takes Hold

*From the Space and Science Research Corporation* Monday, June 10, 2013 Press Release 4:00PM EST Research into the natural atmospheric and oceanic cycles of the Arctic indicates it is poised to begin a decades-long cold era setting new records for maximum sea ice extent. This news comes with the concurrent release of the latest quarterly

Phew! We’re Not Going to Die From Al Gore’s Warming……Yet

Maybe Al Gore is like Dan Pfeiffer said about all the scandals plaguing Washington right now – irrelevant! But not to fear if you are a follower of the doomsday scenario of we’re all going to either roast to death or drown from global warming. The magical thing about the science, cough, cough, of climate

Isle Royale’s “Pristine Wilderness?”

I guess it’s time to roll out another story about the insanity that seems to have infected so many concerning wolves and moose on Michigan’s Isle Royale. I’ll spare readers much of the details of the history but in a brief remark state that scientists have been “studying” the relationship between wolves and moose on

Sildenafil Citrate and Al Gore

For years now I have picked on on Al Gore. I’ve mated him with a polar bear and placed his head on top of a pile of horse manure. I don’t do this simply because his theories about man-caused global … Continue reading

General Article of the Uniform Code of Climate Change Justice

………….Or something! For those not aware, there exists the Uniform Code of Military Justice. This is used by the United States Military for law and order. For those who are or have served in the Military, they probably are aware … Continue reading

$1.40 A Gallon Gas Tax Proposed by IMF

Watch and listen to this video very carefully. There is so much said, implied and not said in this that it is almost mind blowing. For the uninformed, pay attention that first the commentators laugh at this idea and then … Continue reading

Are Wolves Causing Low Body Fat in Moose in Minnesota?

The Duluth News Tribune has a story from yesterday, March 18, 2013, that headlines that wolves are taking a toll on Minnesota moose; a headline that many of us have waited for for quite some time. But perhaps the headline … Continue reading