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NRA Video Against Bloomberg’s Inclusion of Boston Bomber Victimization of Gun Violence

Michael Bloomberg, a puppet of the Vatican State, appears to have made a huge error when his group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, listed, among many, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber, as a victim of gun violence. Bloomberg’s actions certainly have set off a firestorm of outrage nationwide and some in the press have actually

Bearing the “Social Cost of Their Choice”

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal (pay wall) about Barack Obama’s second round at attempts at people control and destruction of rights, labeled in the press as “gun control”, law professors Lucinda M. Finley and John G. Culhane have devised a method of achieving such “control.” In their brainchild they believe that

Cowards at Maine Legislature Limit Gun Rights While Heading Out the Door on Vacation

What was thought to be a relatively safe bet that LD1240 would go down in defeat, ended up being passed by the Maine Senate as lawmakers headed out the door for summer vacation. LD1240 is a bill that will end Maine residents’ rights to sell and buy firearms through private sale. Please contact Governor Paul

Really Stupid Ideas About People Control and Guns

S.649: One of Those “Reasonable” Gun Control Laws

I tire immensely from the brain dead regurgitation I constantly hear from people who don’t understand the difference between a right, a privilege, a God-given right, while at the same time calling for “something to be done” and labeling it “reasonable.” And yes, I’m speaking about gun control, or more accurately defined as anti rights

And Our Government Is Talking About More Restrictions on Guns?

American citizens should have been awakened to many realities during and after the events that have occurred over the past few days in the city of Boston and surrounding towns. What we know presently is that two men, one age … Continue reading

Joe “Pouty Face” Biden Warns of More Obama Executive Actions

Maybe I should revive the watch for more executive orders. Seems the vice president Joe Biden, whose face these days seem to be permanently stuck in a sad looking pout, warns Americans that the President is working on more “executive … Continue reading

Gun Rights: Moral Panic, Loopholes, Beefing Up School Security for Administrators

Three Wise Men and a Virgin? Jim Taranto writes at the Wall Street Journal that Gabby Giffords is at the head of the parade of “moral panic” as it pertains to Obama’s efforts at gun control. Anger still pervades those … Continue reading

Blaming Bombs, Gun Moonbattery and Fascist Feinstein

Or, some chose to blame other things irrationally. An idiot comedian says that the Boston Marathon bombing is the result of a gun “culture.” Says the Second Amendment must go. An idiot politician blames “sequestration” for the bombings in Boston. … Continue reading

Day 92 – No Executive Orders, BUT………

MISLEADING! Day 92 and the people cannot find published on the White House website, at the location where all executive orders are placed, any information that would contain details of the President’s 23 ideas of how he plans to make … Continue reading