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Poor Snuffy! Sucks to be Him

Obama’s African “Safari” Canceled

Russian Bear Smarter Than Average U.S. Politician

And That Ain’t No Bull

Great story here. A woman in Maine believed someone was trying to steal her wood splitter. In order to deter any would-be thieves, she tied her black angus bull to the machine and waited for the crooks to return.

Wild Animal Safari

Yesterday we chose to take a break from the chores of opening camp, etc. and went on a wild animal safari and photo shoot. We located this unidentified wild creature high in the mountains. One bit of research labeled this amazing creature the brown-billed Miltilopolis; believe to be extinct (thank God) in most places in

Comedians on Obama

I guess they say that the honeymoon must be over when the comedians begin telling that jokes about presidents that most presidents don’t want to hear. I think it is safe to say that some in America are falling out of love with Barack Obama. Below are a few jokes, supposedly told by the comedians

Al Capone

I Wish I Were Holder’s Weiner….or Weiner’s Holder?