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Being Stupid Ain’t Being Funny

This opinion piece is perhaps the worst I’ve ever come across in my many years of reading, researching and writing about hunting and other outdoor issues. Perhaps the article is really dated June 20, 1913. Not only is the information in the article irrelevant and inaccurate, it isn’t even funny……at any level. Oh, and was

Cowards at Maine Legislature Limit Gun Rights While Heading Out the Door on Vacation

What was thought to be a relatively safe bet that LD1240 would go down in defeat, ended up being passed by the Maine Senate as lawmakers headed out the door for summer vacation. LD1240 is a bill that will end Maine residents’ rights to sell and buy firearms through private sale. Please contact Governor Paul

Problems With Ticks or At Least Those Who Study Them

Why should anybody take seriously information put out in a newspaper that publishes ignorant comments made by so-called researchers. When such comments are made, any sane person would therefore question all aspects of what was written. I guess there remains few sane people in the world any more. The Kennebec Journal, in Maine, published a

Problems With Bears

In Montana, efforts to “haze” a black bear proved futile and so authorities shot the bear instead. Just an egg sucking bear? No not really but this now dead bear, has a hankering for killing chickens. The bear killed 40 of the feathered friends and thus had to die. On June 10, 2013, I wrote

In Maine It’s That Time When Coyotes Devour Deer Fawns

The below caption and photograph was sent to me via email. This occurred in “Downeast” Maine recently. The person who sent this to me is very trustworthy and I assume the photo and story to be authentic. This is about the time that whitetail deer in Maine have their fawns. The coyotes and bears have

Maine Clears One Small Hurdle in Effort to Protect Hunting, Fishing and Trapping

The Maine Senate voted 20-15 to accept a bill that is believed to be protecting the heritage of hunting, trapping and fishing by prohibiting citizens’ petitions brought against the fish and game department and making it a “right” to hunt, fish and trap. With the passage of this bill vote, the actual bill will need

Resident Camp Deer

Nearby our camp in Maine, this road winds up the side hill to a couple of houses at the end of the road. In the distance you can see a deer. She is our resident deer; been here for a few years. She has produced a few deer over the years but just as often

Too Many Bears, Too Many Predator Lovers

Maine has a lot of forest. Maine has a lot of bears. Too many bears presents too many problems, like killing too many deer and moose fawns in the Spring and bears banging down people’s back doors and yards looking for something to eat, either because of too many bears or not enough to eat

60% of Maine Fish and Game Revenue Goes to Warden Service

It is a rare occasion when outdoor writer and political activist, George Smith, doesn’t write about the woes of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) lamenting the need to get general tax money to fund the department. My argument has always been that first we need to audit the department and more

Maine Clarifies Deer “Driving” Law…..Or Does it?

The Maine Warden Service (MWS) once again has attempted to define, redefine, examine, reexamine, improve, shorten, make better or choose any other description, but MWS says they have a solution in defining the law about driving deer. Finally, no more questions! First, to clarify what “driving” deer is, it is an organized effort to force