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NRA Video Against Bloomberg’s Inclusion of Boston Bomber Victimization of Gun Violence

Michael Bloomberg, a puppet of the Vatican State, appears to have made a huge error when his group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, listed, among many, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber, as a victim of gun violence. Bloomberg’s actions certainly have set off a firestorm of outrage nationwide and some in the press have actually

NRA Will Produce Pennsylvania Outdoor Show

I guess in stead of hiring an anti gun outfit to put on an outdoor and sporting show, the largest anywhere, the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center has hired the NRA to put on the show next February, … Continue reading

Blaming Bombs, Gun Moonbattery and Fascist Feinstein

Or, some chose to blame other things irrationally. An idiot comedian says that the Boston Marathon bombing is the result of a gun “culture.” Says the Second Amendment must go. An idiot politician blames “sequestration” for the bombings in Boston. … Continue reading

Day 62 – No Executive Orders

CHISELER! Day 62 and still we find no executive orders on gun control posted on the White House web site. As if I need to provide further proof that politicians, regardless of pedigree and liars and hypocrites. That pretty much … Continue reading

Day 57 – No Executive Orders

SHAM! No executive orders posted on the White House website about guns and gun control. To be kind, Michael Moore is a strange guy with a bit of an unusual and yet not so unusual way of seeing things. He … Continue reading

Day 46 – No Executive Orders

DIRTY DEALING! Day 46 and still there are no executive orders, with President Obama’s detailed plans, for gun control. 46 days ago the president committed fraud, premeditated dirty dealing, to mislead this people. Here’s a very well done video of … Continue reading

NRA’s LaPierre Responds to President’s Inaugural Address

01/22/2013 Thank you for that kind introduction. And thank you for your warm welcome. Yesterday in his second inaugural address, President Barack Obama quoted the Declaration of Independence and he talked about “unalienable rights.” I would argue that his words … Continue reading

NRA’s “Trigger the Vote” Campaign