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Obama’s Military Action in Benghazi

The Umbrella Conspiracy: Sissy or Agenda-Driven?

I Found Out in the News Just Like Everybody Else

I Don’t Know Anything! No, Really! I Don’t Know Anything

Irrelevant and Oh, So Long Ago

New White House Press Secretary

Nixon Resigns

If you listen to this resignation speech, regardless of what you thought of Nixon, and maybe many of you never knew the man, listen to a couple of the reasons he gives for resigning. At issue is his concern that with such little support in Congress, which should translate down to the people as well,

Day 73 – No Executive Orders

NEFARIOUS! Day 73 and the lie continues! No executive orders on gun control published on the White House website. Pot, Meet Kettle! In what can only be described as the most shameless act of the pot calling the kettle black, … Continue reading

Day 62 – No Executive Orders

CHISELER! Day 62 and still we find no executive orders on gun control posted on the White House web site. As if I need to provide further proof that politicians, regardless of pedigree and liars and hypocrites. That pretty much … Continue reading