Detailed Write-up On The Benjamin Marauder

Some of you may be sick to death of my posts about the Benjamin Marauder, and to you I apologize.  I really hadn’t intended to write about it again so soon, but then I read this great article on  The write-up covers a level of detail that I simply didn’t (and won’t) get to, and it is really good stuff for the more technically minded.  It’s also some good stuff for anyone thinking about hunting with one of these rifles, as he gets into kinetic energy at various ranges. 

If you don’t want to actually read the article, here’s how he sums it all up.  It’s not too different from my own summation, except he gets here with a much more detailed examination.

The Benjamin Marauder is interesting. It isn’t a firearm and it wouldn’t be fair to compare it to one. Compared to other air rifles I have worked with, the Marauder is well made, nicely finished and a good performer. As marketed by Crosman, the gun is lethal on lawn and garden pests, small game and some smaller predators. As is the case with other quality PCP guns, owning and shooting one is an investment, into the rifle and in the support systems required to make it a daily shooter. For situation where neighbors are relatively close in, noise is a problem, as are bullets that carry a long distances, the .25 Caliber Marauder may be one of the best solutions.