Bob Coming To Pick Me Up!

January 30, 2012

I was hunting on Jerry Dykes (now deceased) deer stand on the bar near the MS River and was waiting for Bob to come and pick me up.  I love this picture that I took with my camera of him coming to get me in our suburban back in the late 80's or early 90's.  We were hunting on Kings Point Island at Brown's Point Hunting Club at the time.  I have a lot of wonderful memories of our hunting adventures at this deer camp.  It was one of my favorite camps to go to and at the time we belonged to three camps.  Brown's Point is still an active camp but we no longer belong because of the fees being so high and got out about 15 years ago.  Greg, my step-son, is still a member of the camp.  In October of 2010, Bob and I revisited the camp together and was a very emotional and great trip.  Recently, Bob and Greg got to hunt together and it was a good father/son hunt even though they did not get a deer.  They did see deer but was too far away for a good shot.

Bigdogs’s Buck

January 23, 2012

Dr. Walter E. Johnston, Jr., our doctor, took this very nice buck at Old River north of town on January 2, 2012.  He has had a very good hunting season! You can see how happy he is to have harvested this very nice buck after taking pictures of it in our great outdoors.  Our congrats to a great physician, an excellent hunter and an actor who plays "Big Mike" (a dance hall proprietor) in Gold In The Hills melodrama.  You go Dr. Johnston! 

Vicksburg Youth On The Hunt

January 22, 2012

Drake Douglas shot his second buck of the season - and second in less than a week - while hunting with his father, Shea, on New Year's Day at the family hunting camp in Scooba.  The 8-pointer was taken with a .270 rifle.  Drake's first buck was a 7-pointer that he shot on December 28 with the same rifle. 

My congrats to Drake on his two bucks in our great wild outdoors!   

A Monster Missouri Buck

January 18, 2012

I get the Outdoor Life Magazine via my email and in it was a picture and a story behind a monster buck that was taken in Missouri back on November 4 during archery season. The lucky hunter was, Bill Pulse, getting an incredible 23-point buck.

As the story goes, Bill is a father of 3 boys (ages, 5, 7 and 18) and does not have the luxury of being a trophy hunter.  His main objective is to fill the freezer.

He is a firefighter/paramedic and has a good amount of time to hunt the woods outside Parkville, Missouri, near the Kansas border.  He had already killed two does and now the rut was on and was waiting for a nice buck to walk out.

On November 4, he was perched in a tree in the bottom of a wooded bowl and had already seen two nice bucks earlier in the year and was going to try and draw them in by rattling.  He soon spotted a buck up the ridge and then another smaller one but then out of the corner of his eye spotted a huge tine 40 yards away in the timber.

He blew into his grunt tube and urged the buck into rage.  The deer thrashed a tree and then came in grunting.

"I've never seen something so nasty," he said "I had no idea how big this deer was, other than it was the biggest deer I'd ever seen in my life."

The buck came in on a line and Pulse drew his bow, a Darton that was made in 1988 (Pulse fondly calls it his BowTech Banjo).

He picked a softball-sized opening in the brush below his stand and when the buck tromped through it, he squeezed the trigger on his release.

But the arrow hit a branch and sounded a harmless 'thud.'  It was one of the most depressing sounds Pulse had ever heard.

"My heart hit my shoes when I saw my arrow in the tree," he said.

But the buck didn't totally spook.  He started making his way up the ridge, while Pulse knocked another arrow.  At 40 yards Pulse fired again as the buck quartered off.  This time his air was true and he hit the
deer square.  After a short tracking job he found the buck dead, 40 yards up the ridge.

"He looked like a rocking chair tipped over," Pulse said.

While the deer's rack is incredible, his body size is perhaps even more impressive.  Pulse never got his buck weighed, but you can see just how enormous he is in this picture below.  For reference, Pulse stand 5'10" and weighs about 200 pounds.

He had a buddy to help him get the deer out of the woods and quartered because in two days the Missouri Youth Hunt was coming up and he wanted to take his seven-year-old son, Garrett hunting.  As you can see below, like father like son with the camo face, his son took down a 9 point buck. This was Garrett's first deer!

My congrats to both the father and son in our great outdoors!  What an awesome and terrific hunting stories to tell for a lifetime!

Bill Pulse and his mounted 23-point buck!

An Afternoon Hunt

January 16, 2012

When I got out of my hunting club, Jasper Bottom, after 25 years, I had my deer stand moved to my granddaughter and her hubby's land south of town.  Have hunted it several times but have never seen a deer off of it.  My grandson, Carl, did see one but missed it a couple of years ago. Yesterday, was the same, no deer, but it was alright. I enjoy just sitting on my stand and watching nature go by. I only saw two squirrels playing and a lot of birds and that was it.  While on the stand I did hear a few shots from some lucky hunters.  Bob, my husband, hunted on the edge of a creek bed on the opposite side of the land in his one-man stand.  He did not see anything either but we both enjoyed a sunny afternoon hunt.  Afterwards, we visited with family and watched my great grandson, Ian, roasting marshmallows with his two playmates on the front porch.  He was having a blast!

In front of me...

Where the squirrels were playing going up and down this tree in front of me.

To the right side of me...

Behind me where I walked  in...

Looking through my scope hoping for the squirrels to come down and play some more!  ;)  
Bob with Jamie before the hunt.

GOODHUNTING (Two Dogs Tall) Bob!

Vicksburg Youth On The Hunt

January 14, 2012

Emily Phillips, 12, killed this 6-point buck while hunting with her father in southern Warren County on December 28.  She made the 60-yard shot with a .243 rifle.  The buck had a 14-inch inside spread, 20-inch main beams and weighed 220 pounds.  Emily is the daughter of Chad and Zena Phillips.

Hannah Wilder shot her first deer in Claiborne County.  The 100-pound doe was taken with a 7mm-08 from 30 yards away.  Pictured with Hannah is her brother, Laken Wilder.

Rob’s 7 pt. Buck!

January 10, 2012

A friend and former classmate of mine, Anita, told me last week at our sorority meeting that her grandson, Rob Shingleton shot a deer.  I requested a photo of him and above is Rob with his father, Dr. Bruce Shingleton and the deer he killed. The deer was shot on December 27 outside of Amarillo, TX.  It had 7 points and weighed 125 lbs.  Rob and his father also went to Amarillo earlier this past year on an antelope hunt.  They were able to harvest two antelopes.  My congrats to Rob in harvesting his buck in our great wild outdoors and to his Dad.   A very proud father and a very happy son!

Vicksburg Youth On The Hunt

January 8, 2012

Vicksburg resident Cody Bryant took down this 8-point buck with a 7mm-08 from 65 yards away. The buck's rack measured 16 inches on the inside spread.  Cody is the son of Jerry and Patricia Bryant.

Bryson Whitaker shot this button buck on private land south of Vicksburg on November 12.  The deer weighed 97 pounds and was taken with a .44 Magnum from 90 yards away.  Bryson is the son of Wesley and Sherry Whitaker of Redwood.

Four-year-old John Ellis Montgomery was hunting with his father, Jerry Montgomery, when he bagged his first doe.  The shot was made with a .223 rifle from a distance of 35 yards.  The doe weighed l10 pounds.  John Ellis is the son of Jerry and Speler Montgomery.

Kylan Clay killed this deer while hunting with his father on Christmas Eve in Fitler, MS.  The 8-point, 205-pound buck was shot with a 7mm-08 from 200 yards away.  Kylan is the son of Robert and Classie Clay.

My congrats to all our young hunters in our great wild outdoors!

Deer Story

January 8, 2012

Here I am back in the early 90's telling Fred Harris (deceased) about my deer that I shot.  I believe on this particular hunt he let me shoot his doe for meat.  He was a very special hunting friend and the nicest guy you would ever want to meet and is sadly missed.

A New Blog – Gun & Bow Hunting!

January 7, 2012

Adam came to my blog the other day and made a comment on one of my post and decided to check his blog site out.  Come to find out that it's a brand "NEW" blog of 2012 called, Gun and Bow Hunting.  

His love for hunting began as a young boy growing up in Georgia when his dad took him hunting and was hooked after the very first hunt.  He was lucky to have been introduced to the great wild outdoors at a very early age. He fills like its his duty as a father to pass on the great American heritage to his sons and friends so they can enjoy the great outdoors and learn to be better stewards of the land and practice wildlife management and conservation.

Adam will bring top quality stories, tips, videos, photographs, links and much more, he sad. He feels the same way I do when leaving a deer camp to go back home and face the fast paced everyday rat race but can't wait to get back to the beauty of nature that God has blessed us with.  You really miss the clean smell of the woods, camp fires and most of all fellowship with your hunting friends.

Adam invites everyone to come on in and kick off your shoes and stay awhile.  Go over and check out his NEW blog and I don't think you will be disappointed at all.  My congrats Adam and wishing you GOOD LUCK on your NEW blog, GOODHUNTING and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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