My "Rather-Be-Hunting-GuyTM" Bobblehead

April 26, 2012

I received an email recently from Sara Lien and she wanted me to bring to your attention a new hunting brand.  Sara works with Limit Out Productions who produce the Rather-Be-Hunting GuyTM.  The slogan is "Workin' For the Man, Huntin' When I Can."  The owner is a die hard hunter and one day he decided to produce a product for hunters that conveys their love of the sport. 

They produce bobbleheads, car decals, and bumperstickers based on a comic book about a hunter/office worker named Dale Dunnerway.  He is a struggling office worker who really wants to be a professional sportsman.  Hunting dominates every part of his life.  He is  looking for ammo sales online, practicing deer calls on breaks, and he is the only one in the office who brings deer venison to the office party. 

Sara also sent me this bobblehead for a review.  I think he is so "cute" and told her I would be delighted to show him off to my blogging hunting friends.  She said that there is a bobblehead for everyone and everything, why not hunting?  Dale Dunnerway is a hunting mascot for your car, office, or fireplace mantle. 


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                               Contact: Sara Lien
                                                                                                            Rather Be Hunting Guy
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Dale Dunnerway is a man who works in corporate America only to earn money to hunt

Minneapolis, Minn--There is a “Rather-Be-Hunting-Guy” in every family.  It is the person who spends too much money on outdoor gear and smells like he has been in the woods for way too long.  This is the family member who would gladly abandon a normal life and move to the country to become an outdoor guide. 
Dale Dunnerway holds this dream. He sits all day in a small cubicle and dreams of a life in the woods. He wants to be outdoors enjoying beef jerky, practicing duck calls, and building a deer stand. 
Dale works as a management trainee for an outdoor furniture and lighting company.  His biggest complaints are that he does not have enough vacation time and that hunting clubs cost way too much.  His dream job is as a vice president of taxidermy. 
Limit Out Productions produced two new Dale Dunnerway comic books.  The first comic was released in 2008 and is entitled On the Job with Rather-Be-Hunting Guy.  Limit Out followed this book in 2009 with Rather-Be-Hunting Guy & Life’s Demands.  Both comics follow Dale’s dreams of becoming a professional hunter and how his hobbies affect his co-workers lives.  Their goal is to release one comic each year in time for the hunting and gift buying season. 
Characters in the Dale Dunnerway series include: 
    ·    Dale: Single, nuts about hunting, and wants a raise to pay a deposit for a trip to Montana
    ·    Joe: Dale’s coworker who loves sports and thinks Dale may need psychiatric counseling
    ·    Travis: Another of Dale’s coworkers who thinks Dale just got lucky and landing a good office job
    ·    Jenny: Dale’s coworker who thinks Dale is a nut job
    ·    Hubert:  This is Dale’s boss. He went hunting with Dale and sick with Taco’s Friday Revenge.
About Rather-Be-Hunting-Guy
Dale Dunnerway is plain nuts about hunting and fishing.  He’s gone a lot, spends too much money on outdoor gear and looks and smells like he’s been in the woods for weeks at a time. His dream is to move to a mountain state and become an outdoor guide. His parents and co-workers want him to grow up but Dale would Rather Be Hunting.  
Dale Dunnerway comics are produced by Limit Out Productions and can be purchase at
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My Real Hunter’s Wives Decal

April 20, 2012

Yesterday, I received my "real hunter's wives" decal that I had won a couple of weeks ago on Facebook.  I put it on the back window of our GMC Sierra truck and it looks great!  Thanks to Stephanie Hill of for my decal.  It is very unique and eye-catching.  If you would like a decal like this one, I have posted Stephanie's business card below where you can contact her. GOODHUNTING!  

Oh Nooooo – A Back Yard Bear?

April 13, 2012

My dear friend/mentor, Jean and her husband, Ed, moved to MA a couple of years ago from Vicksburg to retire there and she has been telling me about seeing a bear crossing in her neighborhood in the early morning and late evening.  She posted this on her Facebook page Wednesday morning.

Bear in the back yard!  Came across the patio then to the side yard, maybe checking if the cherries were ready yet.  Sorry about the rear view - took me awhile to get things together.  

Jean with her husband, Ed, while visiting friends in Vicksburg last month at the Highway 61 Coffee Shop/Attic Gallery on Washington Street, downtown Vicksburg.

Naughty Bear

April 12, 2012

Wonderful pictures from the Simferopol Zoo, Ukraine.

A baby bear made his mother angry.  She tried to explain something to him in the corner 

                                                           and then shook him by the neck.

Sorry Mama!

After that she hugged him like a real mother.

Real Hunter’s Wives Decal Logo

April 11, 2012

Yesterday, I was fortunate to win the above decal logo on Facebook by Real Hunter's Wives page and I can't wait to receive it and put on our truck.  All I had to do to win was to share this logo on my Facebook page and make a comment that I had done so.  They also have a website called, and quotes that it takes a special woman to be with a hunter and to support him.  It's all the better if the woman hunts with the hunter in my case. It's also a place where hunters wives can share hardships, laughs, recipes while their men hunters disappear into the woods.   The site has a forum you can join and a trophy room to share hunting pictures.  I was fortunate to be invited by my husband-to-be while we were dating to go with him on hunts and told him one day, I can do this!  I have been hunting now for 27 years and have some great memories to share on my blogs. Go and check out the Facebook and website of the above of hunting stories, what products you use, and what you want out of life.  If you do have a husband that goes to the woods and leaves you home with the children or if you go with your man to the woods, this is the place to come and enjoy the camaraderie.

Nancy Jo’s Turkey Hunt in Florida

April 10, 2012

Nancy Jo Adams

On April 2011, Nancy Jo Adams, a friend of mine on Facebook, went on a hunt in Osceola, Florida with Woodland Guides Outdoors.  She said that they scored a TRIPLE on this hunt in the first hour of their first mornings hunt.  Go over and read about her entire hunt on her blog, Shenanigans From The Field.

My congrats to Nancy Jo in harvesting this nice turkey in our great wild outdoors!  You Go Girl!

Wild Game: A Very Healthy Food Group

April 9, 2012

I just read that wild game is now considered one of 11 in the healthiest of food groups. According to Rodale (Where Health Meets Life) they liked wild game because it was "free of the taint of chemical fertilizers" since the animals forage for food in the wild. It is a healthy super food that's a prescribed diet by some physicians of wild game to patients with high blood pressure.

Wild animals aren't just free of the taint of chemical fertilizers, they're also free of hormones, antibiotics, and even the antibiotic-resistant bacteria so common in factory-farmed animals, according to a study published last year in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.  Meat from deer, elk, wild boar, and other feral creatures also has fewer calories, lass saturated and total fat, and even lower levels of cholesterol.  The primary concern with wild game is lead contamination; hunters use leaded bullets, fragments of which can get introduced into the meat.  

The advice was quoted as saying, "Go to the hunting regions during the proper season.  Many of the resorts serve venison and other game meats."  But you don't really have to travel that far in this day and age.  A number of online retailers sell wild game meats.  Just be sure to ask about whether the retailer tests for lead.

I was totally unaware that you could purchase venison online.  Since my husband and I have been hunters for over 27 years I have found out that it is a very healthy way to go and good for you.  We try to get at least two deer a year and will last us until next season.  I usually take it to a meat processor and they make it into deer burgers and/or sausage for us.  I do keep out the tenderloin for steaks. Also, if we are lucky to get another deer, I will save the hindquarters for roast.  It is a healthy way to go and lucky that we have been exposed to the sport of hunting for food.

The other healthy food groups within are - salt water fish, kelp, mushrooms, coconut, watercress, wild berries, wild rice, organic maple syrup, raw honey and nuts. 

A Barber’s Lucky Buck

April 4, 2012

Bill Downey

Sharing the joy (three generations) grandson, Jacob, with Grandpa Bill and his son, Todd.

Above are two photos of Bill Downey's nice 8 point buck taken at his deer camp, Yucatan, on December 28, 2011.  The camp is located across the MS River from Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant, in Louisiana. Bill owns a barber shop called, Downey's Barber & Style Shop on Clay Street, Vicksburg.  My husband, Bob, gets his hair cut there.  Bill, is an avid deer hunter and proudly shows off several deer mounts at his place of business.  His son, Todd, is also a barber there and proud of his Dad harvesting this nice buck as well as his grandson, Jacob.  Here are the deer stats...

8 Point Buck
5-1/2 Bases
25-1/2 Main beams
19 Inches wide
Weight - 200 lbs.
G2s - 12 inches

.308 Winchester For Sale

April 2, 2012

A friend of mine who lives in Port Gibson, MS, Dennis Staer, is wanting to sell his Savage Model 99-C lever action rifle caliber .308 Win.   It is brand new, and he even has the box it came in.  He bought it back in ’98 when Savage re-introduced it for its 100th anniversary.  It is a fine piece, he said.  It has a recoil pad and a really nice “oil finished” walnut stock.  He added a 3 x 9 telescopic sight, bore sighted it and fired it 3 times to zero it at 100 yards.  He also bought a second 5-round magazine for it. Then he put it on his rifle rack with the rest of his guns and has not touched it since. (except to inspect and clean it of course)  

Below are a couple of photos for you to see what it looks like.  He is asking $750.00 for it (which is about what he has in it and needs to make room for his other guns).  If he has to...he will move a little.
If you are interested you can email, Dennis, at and let him know that you heard about it from Marian on her blog, Marian's Hunting Stories, etc., etc., etc.

   Salvage Model 99-C lever action - rifle caliber .308 Win.
3 X 9 Telescopic scope

Peanut Butter Deer Sniffer

April 1, 2012

My friend, Dave Quick, who lives in Indiana had posted this video on his Facebook page today of a deer on his trail cam.  He said he thinks he put some peanut butter attractant out before he changed cards in his camera and the deer started sniffing it out.  Thought you would enjoy seeing the antics of a sniffing deer on camera in our great wild outdoors.  Thanks Dave!

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please help me to be the
man my dog
thinks I am... Amen

D. Robert (Dave) Quick
Don't tell GOD how big your storm is.
Tell the storm how Big your GOD is!


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