Ashley’s First Bear!

June 28, 2012

My hunting friend, Linda, "Sunshine" who lives in Mount Vernon, ME, sent me pictures of her daughter, Ashley, with her very first bear.  She was hunting with her Dad, "Bob" in New Brunswick and used a 7mm 08 to bring it down.  The bear weighed 130 lbs. 

Ashley is shown here with her Dad and you can see by the look on his face how proud he is of her accomplishments.  She is also an avid deer and turkey hunter and have posted pictures of her hunts.  

Her Mom, a deer hunter herself, and I met about 13 years ago on a forum called, and have stayed in touch all these years.  

My sincere congrats to Ashley at 16 years old harvesting her very first bear in our great wild outdoors!  Way to go Ashley!  

Braddock’s Firearms

June 27, 2012

Braddock is my step-granddaughter, Jessica's, husband in Santa Fe, NM, and while there he showed me his gun and rifles.  Below are some picture I took of him with his proud firearms.

Uberti Single Action Army .45 colt

Mosin-Nagant 1929 7.62 x 54R

Western Field pump .22 LR

Ruger No. 1 .300 Winchester Mag w/a 4 x 12 Burris Scope

Finally, Pictures of Ethan’s First Doe

June 26, 2012

I finally got the pictures of Ethan (my grandson's) first doe that was taken in Hinds County, MS, while hunting with his step-grandfather, Charles Ivy.  This happened about 2 years and 7 months ago.  He shot the doe in the late afternoon and they both looked for it and had to go back the next day and was lucky enough to find it.  It had ran over on someones property and they were able to retrieve it.  The temps were cold enough for the deer to lay overnight.  I'm so happy that he found his 135lb. doe.  I'm not sure if he was initiated or not with a bloodied face, being his first deer.  I've taken Ethan hunting with me a good many times but he was never lucky enough to get one.  To me, the quality time spent with my grandson is cherished in my lifetime, deer or no deer.   

Shown here with his step-grandfather, Charles, helping him skin out his deer.

This picture was taken of Ethan the night before we left to go to the famous Christmas Place Plantation and Hunting Camp for a Youth Hunt weekend in the MS Delta, November 2009.  He used my .270 Ruger (shown here) but did not harvest a deer but had a great time with all the other young hunters. 

Recently, my grandson joined the Air Force and will report to duty October 2012 at Lackland, AFB, TX.  We wish him the very best of luck and thanking him for wanting to serve our country.  May God bless and protect him from harms way during his tour-of-duty.

"Voodoo Bags" to Deter Deer?

June 9, 2012

I was reading in today's paper about a lady gardener, Allison Durst, of Vicksburg who made homemade "voodoo bags" to deter deer from her garden that has worked so far. Knee-high stockings are stuffed with 1/2 bar of Irish Spring soap, 1/2 cup of blood meal, human hair from her beautician and dog hair from her pets. These are tied and hung on a piece of bamboo cut from along the edge of her backyard.  This is her own concoction but it seems to be working.  The deer have not raided the garden as they have done in years past.  This may be what it takes to keep deer out of your garden!  Who knew that it would only take a "voodoo bag" to keep the pesky deer away. 

Deer Sightings In Park

June 7, 2012

Deer cross the road in the Vicksburg National Military Park Tuesday evening.
Photo by Carter Kemp - Submitted to The Vicksburg Post

~Article written by Danny Barrett, Jr., about deer sightings being high despite the hot weather. 

Look, on the roads, in the curve, it's a deer and it has babies.  And it's June.

Southern whitetail deer, which typically move the most during fall and winter, are being seen in unusually high numbers, and a state biologist says two main reasons exist.

Dry weather is forcing does to search farther and wider for places to give birth and a robust deer fly population is making the deer move to avoid the bothersome pests, said Justin Thayer, deer program biologist with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

"With a lack of rain, water content in forage decreases, as does the palatability of many plants as they began to dry up in drought conditions," Thayer said.

Temperatures averaged 74.6 degrees in Vicksburg in May, 1.8 degrees warmer than normal, according to the National Weather Service.  The high temperature recorded in Vicksburg Tuesday was 92 degrees.

Rainfall totals hit 5.78 inches for the month, eight tenths of an inch above normal but with all significant rain packed into three of the month's 31 days.

Drought conditions that lower forage value and water content make whitetails move more - especially does - to meet their metabolic needs, Thayer said.

Movement within families of does might have spread wider during the month, which could have led to increased movement, Thayer said.  Mean fawning dates for does in Warren County are around mid-July, he said.

Deer flies and horseflies, Thayer said, are a hindrance to "nearly anything with a pulse that will stand long enough for the flies to bite."

The deer fly's size is about midway between a housefly and a horsefly.  When they emerge in late spring and early summer, Thayer said, they can get whitetail moving more than normal.

"Many Mississippians who have walked through the woods recently would likely vouch for this fact right now!" Thayer said.  "Thus, when seasonal biting insets such as deer flies are at their peak and agitate whitetails, the deer will often seek out open fields, pastures, or even open roads at times to escape the harassment."

In Warren County, those roads are most often in the main drags leading in and out of the city, such as Culkin Road north of town or Nailor Road to the south.  It's hard to  quantify sightings from one year to the next, said Jason Tatum, director of the E-911 Dispatch Center, but summertime deer are uncommon.

"I have seen numerous deer this year, especially around Culkin Road," Tatum said.  "Even around mailboxes and in people's yards."

In May, dispatchers took 14 calls from people who hit deer while driving.  Last May,19 "vehicle-versus-deer" reports came in, though the number is skewed by record flooding on the Mississippi River that month.  Wildlife migration along the river prompted sighting of deer, wild boar and alligators and spiked the insect population in 2011.

Deer sightings have been regular in recent weeks in the Vicksburg National Military Park, where clearing of some brush land is underway to restore the hills and valleys to is appearance during the Siege of Vicksburg in 1863.

Vicksburg, MS ~ Vicksburg National Military Park

A Nice Doe Feeding

June 6, 2012

Thanks to my hunting friend on Facebook, Dave Quick, he let me share his video with you today. Enjoy!

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please help me to be the
man my dog
thinks I am... Amen

D. Robert (Dave) Quick
Don't tell GOD how big your storm is.
Tell the storm how Big your GOD is.


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