Run Deer Run

August 23, 2012

Doe made front page news!  

High-tailing it away from people and activity in the Vicksburg National Military Park at dusk Wednesday, a doe heads into the cover of the woods.  White-tailed deer are prolific in Warren County and Mississippi and are especially noticeable at this time of year.  Fawning season lasts for two to three months and is followed by mating seasons, which generally coincides with hunting season, which begins with bow-and-arrow season in October.  Eli Baylis - The Vicksburg Post

A New Blog Hunting Site ~ Girls Can Hunt

August 21, 2012

I noticed from my friends list that a new site called, Girls Can Hunt, was added recently. 

I went over and checked out the site.  It's about a mother and daughter starting a blog about hunting for girls.  She said, it all began deer season of 2008 with a bow and shotgun.  Her daughter was 11 years old at the time and they have been hunting together ever since.  Her son also started hunting at the same time at 13 years old.  She wants to share their hunting stories with us.  

It's wonderful that the family can all hunt together and have friends over to share hunts with them. A great family affair with hunting, fishing and 4-wheeling together.  Go over and give her a warm welcome and I'm looking forward to reading stories about their hunts this coming deer season.   GOODHUNTING to all!

My New LED Hog Hunting Light!

August 16, 2012

I was contacted last month by Michael Chang of HOGZILLA LIGHTS to do a product review and in turn he would let me try out my very own LED Hog Hunting Light.  

Soon, I will be going to the famous Christmas Place Plantation and Hunting Club in the MS Delta to hog hunt and see how this product works and take pictures of my hog kill.  The hog/predator hunting lights are completely dust-proof and highly water resistant.  That should say a lot right there and you can rest assured that mud, sand, and rain won't have a chance of ruining my hunt.  
You do gain clarity and vision at night using the LED hog hunting lights and confidently take shots up to 200 yards.  Depending on your optics and magnification you will be able to spot, scan, and acquire targets at these distances.

My package included a LED Hog Hunting Light, a NEBO ProTec Universal Long Gun Light Mount (self-locking & adjusting mount design - no tools necessary) with lithium batteries and a charger.  I will be posting pictures of my hog hunt with my new LED hunting light, so please stay tune!  

A Black Bear In Town

August 8, 2012

Master Sgt. Charlie Gross waits yesterday morning near U.S. 61 South and Interstate 20 East, looking for a black bear reported in the area.

It was reported in yesterday's paper that a black bear was sited near Taco Bell and Kroger in the Pemberton Square Boulevard commercial area Monday and state and local law enforcement officials were on the lookout.

"It very well possibly could be a bear," said Brad Young, black bear biologist with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

"This time of year, young bears do wander around and end up where they are not supposed to be."

Young said calls to 911 and the department sent a wildlife officer to the area yesterday morning.  

No property damage and no threats to people or pets were reported, Young added.

"The bear is not aggressive," said Master Sgt. Charlie Gross, state wildlife officer, who was searching the woods along with several Vicksburg police officers.

"If it's a male, he is probably looking for a mate and might be traveling."

It is not uncommon for young male bears 2 to 3 years old to be "pushed out by older, larger bears and looking for territory to call their own to cross into unfamiliar places, even wander into residential areas," Young said.

"No, black bears are not dangerous, but obviously they are wild animals and should be treated with respect," Young said.  

If wandering in the Pemberton Square Boulevard area, a black bear probably has come up from the woods around the Warren County-Claiborne County line at the Big Black River, Young said.  So many sightings have been reported there, he said, the department put up a bear crossing caution sign on U.S. 61 South.

It's also not uncommon for bears to swim the Mississippi River, even when the water is not at its current, near-historic low level, he added.

In Warren County, a Louisiana black bear was spotted on Davis Island in the Mississippi River in the spring of 2010.  You, the program leader of the department's Black Bear Program, has said the black bear population is rising.  The population was about 50 in the state in 2002, and has risen to 120 to 150, he said.

"Our standard operating procedure is to let bears be bears," he said. "Unless it is causing property damage or becoming a nuisance, we tend to back off and let the bear go on its way."

Any bear sightings should be reported to 911 or to the MDWFP at 601-432-2400 or 800-237-6278.

"Don't approach it," Young said.  "We don't want to scare it, make it climb a tree or put it in a position where it can't get away on its own."

By Pamela Hitchins

8/12/12 - Update:  No more new reports since last Tuesday afternoon and wildlife officers hope the bear has found its way out of the developed area on its own.  A trap has been set and baited if the black bear is seen again and will be taken out of the city if caught.  


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