She’s Dead Serious!

October 30, 2012

Sharon’s Tennessee Turkey!

October 24, 2012

My hunting friend, Sharon, lives in the hills of Tennessee near Pigeon Forge and has all kinds of wild animals around her home. Monday evening around 4:30 she heard a gobbler behind her house and decided then and there that she was going to get up early and hunt.  She even sent me a message on Facebook to wish her luck.  Yesterday, she sent me her picture with the turkey she got and was so excited for her.  Look at that smile! She is one happy turkey hunter!

She used to live in Vicksburg while her husband was stationed here for over a year with the government.  During that time I invited her to go to my camp to turkey hunt and we did for one full week.  We had a blast and you can check out our hunts.  We did not get a turkey but heard and saw them and I called up two turkeys that came running out of the woods into a field at 70 yards but took off running for the hills.

She has invited me to come and visit her and go turkey hunting and I'm looking forward to that day.  I have a Facebook friend that has made me a "new" turkey caller and I'm looking forward to getting it and practicing for the big day when we can hunt together in the hills of Tennessee.

My congrats to my friend in our great wild outdoors!  You go Girl!  I'm so proud of you!

Lucky Sevens Buck!

October 23, 2012

Pictured is, Eli, who shot this very nice 7 point buck recently. What is so neat about this particular hunt is that he was on stand #7 and he is 7-years-old. He is the son of David Hammonds.  My congrats to Eli and I'm so proud of him and know he is now hooked for a lifetime of hunting in our great wild outdoors.  

Two Happy Young Squirrel Hunters

October 22, 2012

Jake with his first squirrel!  His Dad, Scott C. Ellis, is my Facebook friend and lives in Mulberry, FL.  He said that he's been in the woods since he was in diapers...shooting bows and BB guns at 3 years of age.  He is a true little sportsman!  

Landon with his first squirrel and the son of Kayla Terrell Smith of Little Rock, MS. Kayla is my Facebook friend and I'm so proud of both Landon and Jake. The rifles they are using are as tall as they are and the smiles on their faces tells me they are hooked forever.  My congrats to both of these young hunters in our great wild outdoors!  

Noah’s First Pheasant Hunt

October 20, 2012

Noah, 8-years-old on the left, with their Dad, Mike Moncada and Isaiah, 10-years-old on the right before the hunt.

Mike Moncado, my Facebook friend, owns Bear Creek Kennels and a small business Hunt Test Organization called, Upland Gundog Association L.L.C., (Facebook) and (Website).  His Bear Creek website can be seen at  He lives in the heart of Eastern Iowa's farmlands where he trains, guides and raises pups for hunting and companion homes.

This morning he took his son Noah on his very first pheasant hunt on the river bottom in Iowa County.  With one shot...he had one kill!  It was retrieved by the dog that started it all, 11-year-old girl "BEAR."  She still has it!  This is his very first rooster.  Mike was so proud of his accomplishment.
After a 20 minute search, their 11-year-old lab, BEAR, found Noah's first rooster which was shot on public land near Marengo, Iowa.  Mike said, "Way to go son! Dad's proud of you"!

A great picture of Noah with his first tail feathers in the bag!

Pictured above with his proud brother, Isaiah, in our great wild outdoors

My congrats to Noah on his first pheasant hunt today and they can't wait to go again this afternoon and all of tomorrow.  Wishing you guys the best of luck!

Tracks, Corn, Pie Plate & Greens

October 17, 2012

Nice size deer tracks in backyard coming up from a deep ravine where power lines are located.

Acorns all over the place to feed the deer.

Corn is laid out for the deer to eat on the other side of a big ridge in their backyard.

A pie plate in the peach tree to scare the birds away.  Deer eat peaches as well but would rather have corn.

Wal-Mart bags on stakes to keep the deer out of the garden of greens.  It works!

We have some friends that live right next to a power line out in the county.  Deer come up in their backyard all the time.  They just built a new deck with a roof the length of their home so they can sit out and watch the deer crossing over to the other side of a large ridge.  When we were leaving they gave us some peaches they had put up so I can make a peach cobbler.  Yes!

Stephanie’s Moose!

October 16, 2012

Above is a picture of Stephanie McGillicky with a moose she harvested a few days ago.  Stephanie is a 70-year-old Grandmother and BREAST CANCER survivor!! You can tell by her facial expressions how proud and happy she is!   I want to congratulate Stephanie on her kill in our great wild outdoors!  You go Girl!

Guest Post – Hunting and Hearing Loss

October 15, 2012

Hi my name is John O'Connor, I am a father, outdoorsman and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.  Over the past few years I have become more and more interested in hearing loss.  My father and grandfathers, who are and were all hunters, are affected by hearing loss.  I feel that there is a general lack of understanding around the issue and it is our job to spread awareness where we can.  Check out my new blog at!

The Relation Between Hunting and Hearing Loss

Most people do not realize that hunting is often related to hearing loss in a large number of individuals. While hunting season may be a pleasurable activity and time for those who enjoy the hunt, the vast majority of these people are not protecting their ears in the way that they should. My father who has been hunting for many years has been affected by hearing loss since I can remember.  Although not the only cause, hunting has placed a lot of stress on his ears.  At the age of 75 he still likes to get out and shoot but uses hearings aids to amplify sounds and always remembers to wear his hearing protection to ensure he is properly protecting his hearing. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has recommended that those who participate in this recreational sport wear ear protection at all times. They know and understand the dangers that a sport like hunting has on the ears. It is important to protect the ears because once the hearing has been lost then it is gone forever. 

So how does hunting relate back to hearing loss? The fact of the matter is that any type of shooing sport, particularly hunting, is noisy. The loud activity can put a strain on the ears. The noise that comes from these guns during hunting is extremely loud and can cause serious exposure to the ears, leading to damage. The damage that the firearms can cause during hunting include temporary hearing loss, permanent hearing loss, constant ringing of the ears, also known as tinnitus, and gradual hearing loss which means that the hearing will begin to go over a period of time, getting worse and worse as the months and years pass on by.

There are a great deal of hunters like my father who have spent most of their spare time participating in shooting activities and sports but are now suffering from hearing impairments because they did not take the proper precaution to protect their ears and themselves from the loud exposure of the firearms. When an individual cannot hear well, they are putting themselves at risk no only while they hunt because they cannot hear what is going on around them but also in everyday life. It is for that reason that my father chose to get his ears checked out to figure out what the problem was. 

For those who are considering participating in hunting or other shooting activities but still have good hearing, prevention is the key.  The typical hunter fires about 18-20 shots at game but he or she take roughly 1,500 to 2,000 shots annually at the range in preparation for the season.  Whether out in the woods or practicing at the range there is hearing protection available that can best suit your needs.  There are earplugs that have been designed specifically for those who participate in shooting activities. The earplugs protect the ears from the loud noise and prevent the individual from suffering from any damage that would be caused. It is also important for hunters to get an annual hearing test performed by their primary physician. Keeping the ears in best health and good shape is essential, especially when participating in a sport that requires good hearing to keep aware of surroundings while hunting. For those who have been hunting without earplugs, it is time to start wearing them and protecting the ears or otherwise suffer from the consequences, which includes years of damage to the ears, that often leads to permanent hearing loss in the near future.

Vicksburg On The Hunt

October 14, 2012

Vicksburg residents Ricky Hollowell Jr., James Nowell Sr. and Jason Nowell show off the gator they caught in the Yazoo Diversion Canal on September 15.  It was 11 feet, 7 inches long, with a belly girth of 60 inches and a tail girth of 44 inches.  It was estimated to weigh 600 pounds.

One of the hunters compares his hand to the gator's claw.  

My congrats to Ricky, James and Jason on their fine catch in our great wild outdoors!
Submitted to The Vicksburg Post

BUCK WEAR: T-Shirts for Hunters & Fishermen

October 12, 2012

I was fortunate to have received these nice Buck Wear T-shirts recently and they are really cool and Zombie-ish!  They will make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift or even a "happy" for your hunter/huntress in the family or friend.  Go by and checkout their Buck Wear at   It is a hunting and fishing clothing store.  The sizes come in SM/MD/LG/XL/XX/3X.  They are made of heavyweight 100% pre-shrunk cotton with quality screen printed hunting/fishing shirts for the outdoorsman that will stand the test of time.  You can also find them on Facebook @ Buck Wear!  

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