Bear Killed by MS Man

July 31, 2013

Photo By Paul Davidson
There was an article in The Vicksburg Post yesterday of a man being charged for killing a bear in Sharkey County.  He killed a Louisiana black bear and could face up to a year in prison and $50,000 in fines.

A federal complaint filed Friday in the U.S. District Court in Natchez charges Ryan C. Murphy with killing the federally protected species near Mayersville on November 16.

Louisiana black bears are protected under the Federal Endangered Species Act.  Brad Young is the executive director of the MS Wildlife Federation and previously led the Black Bear Program with the MS Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

"The ones in Sharkey, Issaquena and Warren counties are protected," he said.

Mayersville is about 10 miles west of Rolling Fork, near the MS River.

Federal authorities are seeking the forfeiture of a bow.

Young said Louisiana black bears are slightly different from the American black bear that inhabits north Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and the Appalachian region.

"It's done by county," he said.

"There's kind of a dividing line at (Mississippi) Highway 82."

In 2002, the MDWFP created the Black Bear Program to boost the species' number in the state.  In 10 years, the number of Louisiana black bears in the state went from fewer than 50 to about 150 today.

The MDWFP website points to an increase in female black bears, which has led to the births of dozens of cubs in the last 10 years.  Before the program began, a black bear birth had not been documented in Mississippi since the early 1960s.

"It's definitely grown," Young said.  "We have certainly seen the bear population, especially in Sharkey and Issaquena county, grown.  We see cubs being born every year and we're seeing reproduction, something we had not seen before."

Young said restoring the black bear population to earlier levels will take decades.

"We still have a long ways to go," he said.  "It's not like deer or wild hogs.  It's very slow increase."

Baby Bou Caribou

July 30, 2013

A gift of Nature!

Wrong Place @ Wrong Time

July 30, 2013

This buck was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Someone commented that Mother Nature must have been a deer hunter!  When it is your time to go...that's it!

Hunting Blind Withdrawals

July 29, 2013

What Happens In The Woods Stays In The Woods!

July 28, 2013

What goes on when you are not there...

Tripple T and Split T

July 26, 2013

My hunting friend, Dave, a.k.a. (Ironknees's), uploaded this video of Tripple T and Split T about three days ago on YouTube.  Dave lives in Indiana and has seen some very nice bucks and also has named them.  Above are two that really has him going nuts!  Hunting season will be here before you know it and Dave is chomping at the bits. Thanks Dave for letting me share your cam video and I'm sure the hunters will enjoy viewing it. 

Wild Hog Problems In Mississippi

July 25, 2013

Wild hogs are in half of our state's counties: 

Mississippi wildlife officials say wild hogs are now in more than half the counties of the state, including Warren, tearing up crops and destroying other kinds of vegetation

Four or five years ago, they were causing problems in only about five or six counties.

Wildlife officials say they are trying to make it easier for people to kill them.

"Basically liberalizing it, making it where a landowner, lease-holder, can kill hogs or other nuisance animals any day of the year, day or night, without any type of caliber or weapon restrictions," said Chad Dacus with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

MDWFP officials said wild hog populations are growing because they reproduce often and can survive in virtually any habitat.  The animals also lack any natural predators.

Wild hogs are crafty, too, making them difficult to corner and kill.  Their razor-like tusks and aggression when cornered can make them dangerous to pursue.

State officials said there have been so many complaints that virtually all of the rules against shooting them have been removed.

Dacus said Warren County's hog problems is as serious as other areas of the state.  One of the reasons for the county's hog problem, he said, is the Mississippi River.

"They like to be near water, and the Mississippi gives them a good place to gather," he said.  "They'll follow the river."

One of the local areas that has suffered from hogs is the Vicksburg National Military Park which had to set out traps in an effort to either control or eliminate the hog population in the park.

Park Superintendent Michael Madell said the problem last year was centered in an area north of Graveyard Road, adding the park's hog problem has since slacked off. - Jackson, MS

"We haven't seen any hogs since April or May," he said, adding traps are set up in different areas of the park to catch any hogs that might come in the area.

Hogs were reported often in Vicksburg and Warren County during the Mississippi River flood of 2011.  They were seen swimming across the swollen river and coming onto the bank at Riverfront Park.

A new state law took effect July 1 that added wild hogs to the state beaver-control program.

The law created the Beaver and Wild Hog Control Advisory Board to come up with a program to control or eradicate beavers and wild hogs.  The program is administered by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture.

Tony Hammons, who lives in Copiah County,  likes to hunt the hogs, take pictures of them and eat them.  He has respect for how dangerous they can be, too.  He said the tusks are very sharp.   
~The Vicksburg Post

Pictured above is a friend of mine, Mark Stewart, who kill this monster hog at the famous Christmas Place Plantation and Hunting Club on the edge of the MS Delta back on January 17, 2009.  A hog is on my bucket list and hope to get one in the near future to help eradicate these nasty critters in our great wild outdoors!

Close up view!

In A Bear Minute

July 24, 2013

In Middle Of Town

July 22, 2013

Check out this awesome buck in the middle of town!  He knows where it's safe!  

Deer Shadowing

July 18, 2013

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