Buck Near Cabin

February 28, 2014

Annetta’s Close Encounter

February 28, 2014

How close can you get?

My congrats to Annetta Morris in harvesting this very nice bull in our great wild outdoors!  Awesome!

Dave’s Got Deer

February 27, 2014

Sharing my Facebook friend, Dave "Ironknees" Quick, video of a lot of deer from his video cam in January. It's really cool with the snow falling.

Trophy Buck For Christian

February 26, 2014

When 10-year-old Christian Lancaster ended deer season by killing a huge buck, he was unaware of the significance of his kill.

On January 25, while enjoying a morning hunt on his family's property with his stepfather Sonny Pell in Pattison, east of Port Gibson, a massive buck ran out in Lancaster's sight in pursuit of a doe.  Lancaster took careful aim and found his mark.  The 10-point buck had a 17-inch spread, 23-1/4-inch on the other.  The antler bases measured 5-1/4-inches and it weighed 210 pounds, with an estimated age of more than five years.

Lancaster said that he kept calm as he pointed his 7 millimeter-08 at the buck, while his stepfather's excitement got the best of him.

"I just saw the deer and I shot it in the shoulder.  My step dad made a noise that made the deer stop.  He was so excited when I shot the deer that I had to tell him to calm down," Lancaster said.

Lancaster has had a love for hunting since age four.  To him, shooting deer isn't only thing that excites him about the sport.

"I enjoy blood-trailing the deer, skinning the deer and I like to walk through the woods whenever it's muddy, Lancaster said.  "I like to help my step dad put out the feed for the deer.  I also like helping him put up stands and bringing them back to the house.  It's really fun."

Lancaster's mother Ashley Peel was impressed with the size of her son's trophy buck.

"The pictures of the deer don't do it any justice," Pell said.  "When my father-in-law saw the pictures of it, he didn't think it was that big.  But when he saw it in person, her thought it was huge."

Lancaster's hunting season was on the downside before he nabbed the burly buck, the only deer that he killed this season.

"I had a rough season.  I shot 18 times and didn't kill anything before this,"  Lancaster said, hopeful of another big trophy.  "I hope that I can kill one that's either the same size as this one or bigger."

Hunting story by Justus Reed ~ The Vicksburg Post

Tristen’s Nice Bucks

February 21, 2014

Above is Tristen Bauer's bucks that he harvested the last couple of years.  My congrats to Tristen in our great wild and crazy outdoors.  Very nice bucks!

First Shed Ever!

February 20, 2014

Saw this cute little guy who is the grandson of Bill "Toot" Foster.  His name is Cash and he's showing off his very first shed that he found.  It was posted on my friend's, Campfire Stories, Facebook page.  Way to go Cash!


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