Comfy Bear

May 31, 2014

After making its way through a Daytona Beach neighborhood Thursday night, this black bear took a moment to rest - because it's 5 o'clock somewhere? - before ambling back into the woods. 

Hey, if he's chillin - you think he needs a beer?

How Many Turkeys Do You See?

May 29, 2014

Black Bear Hit & Killed On Hwy 80

May 28, 2014

Monday, around 9:00 p.m., a vehicle traveling east on U.S Hwy. 80 between Newton and Hickory in Newton County, hit and killed a black bear.  
Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Conservation Officer Sgt. Tyler Norman responded to the scene of the accident and found the 168 pound male bear dead on the shoulder of the highway.  
The driver of the vehicle, who was uninjured, reported that the bear ran out of the woods and into the highway just after the vehicle had crossed Turkey Creek.
Local residents are advised that while black bears are not common in east central Mississippi, there are a few bears in this area of the state. 

In the lower two-thirds of Mississippi the black bear is listed as a Federally Threatened Species and it is classified as Endangered throughout the state under Mississippi statute. 

As such, it is illegal to intentionally kill or harass a black bear. 

Motorists driving at night or early morning in areas inhabited by bears should exercise caution. 

The bear killed Monday night was taken to MDWFP's Museum of Natural Science to be used for research and education.

Double Main Beams & Friends Of Mike

May 24, 2014

My Facebook friend, Mike Persichini, headed out at 5:15 this morning and by 6:00 he said he had 7 different bucks around him.  He announced The Velvet Garden is growing! Mike takes pictures of deer at the Troy Nature Center in Troy, Michigan, where he lives.  He has been doing this for several years now and has produced some spectacular pictures of deer in their habitat and has affectionately been called The Deer Whisperer! He does not expect someone to try this because it could be very dangerous, he said.  Whatever happens to me happens...I just love doing this.  

Thanks Mike for sharing all your great photos with us. Your camera shots are truly amazing!

Going For An Evening Walk

May 23, 2014

Man Delivers Fawn

May 22, 2014

Man delivers fawn after car hits mother - - Jackson, MS

Ella’s 3rd Turkey

May 20, 2014

My Facebook friend, Wade Pickel, is a proud Dad showing off his daughter, Ella's turkey near Hustons Mill, PA!  She is so lucky to have parents that take the time to teach their daughters about the great outdoors. My congrats to you Ella!  Way to go!

Can you believe Ella at 4 years old with a turkey!

...and Ella with her turkey at 5 years old!

Her recent turkey...I'm so proud of Ella in our great wild outdoors!  

Ella sharing her harvest with her Dad, Wade and younger sister, Tanya!

Landon’s Iowa Turkey

May 18, 2014

Landon Hocking is shown here with his very nice turkey he shot yesterday in southern Iowa with an 11-inch beard.  My sincere congrats to Landon on his very fine turkey in our great wild outdoors!  Way to go Landon!

Hogs and Hogzilla

May 15, 2014

It looks like the small pigs are about 25-30 lbs., the medium sized ones about 60-80 lbs. and the big one maybe 225 to 300 lbs.  I'm looking forward to returning to the famous Christmas Place Plantation and Hunting Club in the MS Delta to get me a wild hog one day.  The hogs are tearing up the camp and the hunters need to get rid of these nasty, filthy and disgusting hogs in our great and crazy wild outdoors!  

Doe Watching Over Her Fawn

May 14, 2014

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