Fawn Fenced In

June 30, 2014

A good Mother never leaves her baby behind.  Watch what she does!


June 28, 2014

I see you!

Sweet Smells

June 27, 2014

Photo by Gary Alvey

Coming This Fall

June 26, 2014

Love This Sign

June 25, 2014

Calves, Calves & More Calves

June 24, 2014

Happy "24" Birthday Grandson!

June 21, 2014

Today my grandson, Carlton "Carl" Thomas is 24 years old.   It's hard to believe that he's all grown up and I'm reminiscing about our hunts together.  I have three grandsons and Carl was the only one that I took hunting that got a deer.  Today, all three are excellent hunters.  Carl got his 5 point buck at Jasper Bottom Hunting Club in Claiborne County, MS, and shot it with my .270 rifle at 100 yards in 2003.  It was a hunt that I will never forget. When he shot I had to literally catch him so he would not fall off the stool.  The deer came across a levee and when we got down to check on the deer it was not there but had scooted down on the other side.  I told Carl he would have to shoot again.  He got down on one knee and braced for another shot.  I was so proud of him and still proud of him to this day. 

Took Carl hunting at Homewood Hunting Club in Claiborne County, MS, at the Cedar Tree Stand.  The old stand was torn down and this one was built in it's place.  We are getting ready to hunt and...

...wait for a deer to walk by!

Riding around the camp at Homewood Hunting Club in Claiborne County, MS.  

Carl on his birthday and all grown up now and living in Sheboygan, WI, with his girlfriend, Courtney, who served as a Corporal in the Marines.  They both work at Kohler. Wishing him a very Happy "24" Birthday and letting him know that I love and miss him so much!  

A Bear-of-a-Day!

June 18, 2014

My Facebrook friend, Layne Logue, met Jake Anderson yesterday while stopping for a break while paddling the Mississippi River.  He started in Iowa and has paddled 905 miles so far to Vicksburg.  Jake called Layne yesterday for supplies and got him a double pounder with fries and some other minor stuff. He will take the Atchafalaya River (south of Natchez) to the Gulf of Mexico.  

Jake pushing off continuing his journey!

An hour later he called Layne to tell him that he just watched a black bear swim the Mississippi River about 10 miles south of Vicksburg. He caught it halfway and escorted to the Louisiana side.  The river is 2/3 miles wide in that area and said he was getting tired just watching him.  How cool it is to witness that! Lucky guy! 

Wishing Jake a successful and safe travels on the Mighty Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers.

Newborn Fawn Rescued

June 17, 2014

Last month these two men heard a distress call from a fawn while working and went to investigate.  Saw the mother standing on the edge of Lake Oconee in Georgia where they found this newborn fawn hopelessly tangled in the vines in the water.  It's brother was also in the water about ten yards away and was able to be rescued as well.  Both fawns were warmed up and stabilized before being led back into the woods to be reunited with their mother.  A very happy ending and a big thank you to the guys that rescued them in our great wild outdoors!

Five Cubs Up A Tree!

June 16, 2014

In the video below, five black bear cubs quickly scale a tree to avoid a confrontation with a wandering male. Cubs learn how to climb trees beginning at about eight weeks and will retain the skill for the rest of their lives. Trees offer more than a temporary sanctuary for black bears—they are a source of food, a vantage point, a safe bed, and a message board.

Black bears are excellent climbers. Their powerful hind legs and innate balance means that even large bears are able to scale trees, making it inadvisable to seek cover in one during a bear attack.
Bear cubs will take readily to climbing if they sense danger, and the mother will generally stand guard nearby. A mother bear is at her most dangerous when her cubs are threatened.
Image screenshot of video by BearsForever on YouTube

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