November 30, 2015

17-Point Buck!

November 30, 2015

Kenny Underwood posted this picture on Facebook's page "I Killed it in Mississippi" of a 17-point buck that was killed in north Mississippi on November 28 by his boy, Cody Porter.  He stuck it with an arrow and wanted to give him a shout out!  A nice trophy in anyone's book in our great wild outdoors.  Congratulations to Cody! 

Doe, A Deer

November 29, 2015

John David Liggett killed this 120-pound doe in Warren County on November 22.  John David, 11, is a fifth grader at Vicksburg Catholic School in Vicksburg, MS.  My congrats to John David in getting a really nice doe in our great outdoors!

Red Ryder Packs A Punch!

November 28, 2015

Rex Homes, Jr., my Facebook friend, CEO and founder at Vapor Trail Scents, said that his buddy got this doe on Thanksgiving Day with his Red Ryder.  Can you tell he is happy?  My congrats to this little hunter in our great wild outdoors!  That's the way to go little fellow!

Illegal Deer Camp In WV

November 27, 2015

HINTON - Eight arrested, over a dozen deer killed, and the suspects face over $10,000 in fines!

"Over my 20 years in law enforcement, in game enforcement, this is the worst case I've encountered or seen," Captain W.W. Brogan with the Division of Natural Resources said.

Charles Powell from New Jersey, Kenneth Powell from Pennsylvania, Robert Canfield, Charley Simms, and Timothy Powell from West Virginia arrested for hunting without a license, not wearing blaze orange, and driving with loaded firearms. Police had the suspects remove the deer from their trailer to get an official head count.

According to Captain W.W. Brogan with the DNR, the suspects had NO intentions of checking the 18 deer they killed.

"These gentlemen had plans on staying in our state and hunting until the end of the week so the total number of deer, you could have only guessed what they would have had by the end of the week," Brogan said.

But the deer won't go to waste, they will all be held in a freezer and distributed to help families in need.

"Until we can find a home for each deer that you see behind us so that they don't go to waste," Brogan said.  Police tell us this type of illegal camp is a yearly issue for the hunters in West Virginia.

Video courtesy of WVNSTV.COM

A Happy Thanksgiving Gift!

November 26, 2015

I was so surprised the other day when I got a knock at my door and received this Edible Arrangement.  It was from my Secret Sister in my sorority, Pi Alpha Kappa, Omega Chapter.  I have never ever received one and so thankful for her thoughtfulness this Thanksgiving.  I will know who she is and thank her personally on December 9 when we will have our Christmas Party at ROCA.  I'm wishing all my blogging friends a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving Day and may God Bless each and every one of you!    

Avery’s First Deer

November 25, 2015

Avery Mabe, 12, killed her first deer on November 15 while hunting in Valley Park with her uncle, Jason Tatum.  Avery is a sixth-grader at Redwood Elementary School and the daughter of Levi and Kenda McMillian.

I know she must be very proud of her accomplishment in our great wild outdoors!  My sincere congrats!  Way to go, Avery!   

Sunday’s Hunt

November 24, 2015

My Sunday hunt started around 3:00 and I got under a deer stand that was made around three trees.  It was located on the left side of the big ridge.  Saturday's hunt was on the right side of the ridge.  At the bottom of the ridge is Pecos Bayou where the deer walk and use as a highway.  Actually, I was facing the cave where I was told a bear lives.  Once again, I enjoyed being in the woods and my hunt.  While putting my hunting stuff away to leave, I was told that they had encountered the bear earlier while looking for a deer that was shot that morning.  It just happened to be on the right side where I was hunting the day before. They quickly gave up looking for the deer after the bear roared at them.  That was pretty scary to hear and I'm glad I have another place to hunt next weekend in our great wild outdoors!  That's too close for me!

Looking to the left of my ground blind.  

To the right towards Pecos Bayou where the deer walk and the bear cave.

My  trusty .270! 

Zoomed in to get a picture of the bear cave.

This leaf caught my eye with the sun shinning on it.  

While standing up taking a break something red caught my eye.  At first I thought it was a red cardinal but after looking through my binoculars saw it was an abandoned car. 

To the far right.

My ground blind under a homemade deer stand around three big trees.

Saturday’s Hunt

November 23, 2015

Saturday before last, I went to see about some land to hunt on south of town.  It was very little acreage but was told that the deer used the property like a highway.  I was shown around and was excited about getting to hunt on opening day. I was even told about a bear that lives close by that my friend had already encounter. He said the bear got up on his hind feet and roared at him and he ran back to his house.  At the time I didn't think much about it and in my mind I'm thinking maybe it's in hibernation since it had gotten colder...but what do I know about bears?  I do know that you can't shoot a Black Bear in Mississippi because it's illegal and you could be fined up to $100,000 and a year in jail.

I had gotten out of my deer camp of 25 years about 5 or 6 years ago because the hunting dues went up again and could not afford it.  I hated to give it up but now I have to asked someone if I can hunt on their land or get invited to go hunting. I did not see a deer or a bear but did enjoyed being in the great outdoors once again.

I was behind a ground blind and below is Pecos Bayou where the deer walk.

To the right side of me.

To the left...

Far back left and a thicket behind me.

Leaves look so pretty and decided to take a pix of them.  The bright leaf in the middle had just fallen.

You can see my ground blind in place.

My .270 Ruger.

Looked up above me and got this pretty picture of the yellow leaves on the trees.

Heading home after opening day of deer season and driving down a hill towards the highway, I stopped to take this pretty spooky picture after sunset.

Family Bonding

November 22, 2015

Jerry Bourne, and his 4-year-old son Mason pose with this 100-pound doe they killed over the weekend in Warren County in Vicksburg, MS. A great time for family bonding and sending my congrats to both!

I'm very fortunate, out of four daughters, that my daughter, Kathleen (Kathy) is a hunter. We have had many hunts together and made great memories.
Kathleen (Kathy) Love Day at Homewood Hunting Club in Claiborne County, MS.

I have taken my grandson, Kathy's son, Carl, hunting with me as well and he got his very first buck, a 5-pt.  I did not have a youth gun for him to shoot, only my .270.  But that little guy shot it coming over a levee.  It was the most exciting day of my life besides my daughter getting her first deer. I am grateful that I was introduced to hunting at the age of 45 and carrying on my hunting experiences with my daughter and grandson.  

Carl with his first deer, 5 point buck with his proud Gran Gran!

I now have an 8-year-old Great Grandson, Ian, who received a youth .243 for his birthday recently and he is looking forward to getting his first deer this season with his Dad.  Maybe one day we can hunt together and carry on the tradition of hunting in our great wild outdoors with family!  

Ian is so proud of his 8th birthday present from his Mom and Dad.

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