Jay’s Deer Mount

July 31, 2017

Jay Holley's great looking deer mount from Greenville, MS.
Congratulations, Jay!

Bone Brothers & Company of Oakland County

July 31, 2017

My Facebook friend, Mike Persichini has a set-up in his backyard feeding all the wild creatures of the neighborhood and boy do they eat well. Mike has really spoiled them all.   Here are four cam pictures that were taken on the 24th of July of all the visitors to the Boneyard. 

Only in the Boneyard!

They are all locked up! 

An 8, 9 and a 10!

What a mess of bone - no room for the poor guy on the left Mike said. Appreciate all the pictures that Mike shares on Facebook in our great wild Michigan outdoors.


July 30, 2017

MS Deer Hunting Misinformation Addressed

July 30, 2017

New Deer Regs, Misinformation  
Some of the questions raised recently stem from changes in the 2017-18 bag limits.

Deer Neighbors!

July 29, 2017

Neighbors dropped by for a visit brought flowers!

Chicken Eggs

July 28, 2017

The Hog Killing Queen

July 28, 2017

My Facebook friend, Kareen Beinhauer of Alpine, TX, is a hog killing queen machine shooting #125 last night.  She saw this hog coming in at 9:17 on the game card the night before so that is where she wanted to be last night.
Her hog story in her own words - 

I was out by 8:30 because the game card had shown that a medium sized boar coming in after 9:00 p.m. At 9:08 I could see someone coming out of the horse trap and I thought, darn, he will hear/see that truck and lay low for awhile. Of course, the javelinas were there and I watched them closely and when they bolted and ran off, I knew he was coming. He circled the outside of this so called pen and then came in and started eating and I took my shot at 9:23 p.m. and dropped him in his tracks. RIP medium sized hog!

Kareen forgot to say that while coming in from killing the hog she was walking down their sidewalk in the back and at one point she heard a "little" rattle. She went inside and thought that wasn't a cicada so she got the flashlight and sure enough, below the sidewalk, there was a small rattlesnake. It was not in a place where they could shoot it so they got it to move and her hubby, Roy chopped its head off and threw it in the creek. Never a dull moment around here she said. 

Congratulations to my hog killing friend and I'm looking forward to her getting hog #126.   You go get'em Kareen!

A Wide Spread & Finished Product

July 27, 2017

Jessica Lowery from Vicksburg, MS (my hometown) husband shot this 10-point buck at Flowers in Warren County this past deer season in January 2017.   

It had an 18-1/4 inch inside spread and main beams were 22-1/2 inches. 

It's a buck of a lifetime coming from my territory. What a proud and lucky guy showing off his buck with his two sons in our great wild and wonderful Mississippi outdoors!

The finished product!  My congratulations!

Goat Hunting

July 27, 2017

Rocky Mountain 'Goat Hunting' by Allen Ernst!

A Big Rat

July 26, 2017

Jimmie Chism of New Albany, Mississippi is so proud of "Sassy" his Mountain Cur dog that killed this big rat recently.  He said she kills moles, mice and tells on snakes!  She is also a fairly good squirrel dog as well. Sassy is a 'good girl' to get this big old rat in our great wild and wonderful Mississippi outdoors!   Way to go Sassy!

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