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November 30, 2017

Franklin County Monster Buck

November 30, 2017

Jay Gousset of Pearl, Mississippi commented that a friend's son got this once-in-a-lifetime monster buck this past Wednesday on a farm in Franklin County.  I'm sure it will be mounted proudly for years to come to enjoy and tell the deer hunting story behind this very nice buck.   

They certainly grow them BIG in Mississippi.  

Hunter Skills Learned

November 29, 2017

Brianna’s 10-Pointer

November 29, 2017

Brianna Poole of my hometown of Vicksburg, MS, took this 10-point buck on Thanksgiving morning while hunting with her father, Nick.  A wall hanger for sure in our wild Mississippi outdoors.  What a wonderful blessing for Thanksgiving!  Congratulations, Brianna!


November 28, 2017

Little Starving Fawn

November 28, 2017

Hunting Stand On The Land

November 27, 2017

This is the deer stand that I hunted out of Saturday at a camp called, "The Land" in Edwards, MS.  You can read all about it on my site, Marian's Hunting Stories, etc., etc., etc.

The Land Hunting Camp

November 27, 2017

I was invited to hunt at a camp called, "The Land" in Edwards, MS, this past Saturday and was so excited to get back in the woods.  It has been almost a year since I have hunted and also had a knee replacement last November.   I saw a spike, mama doe, and two yearlings and three does out in the field. I shot at a doe but missed her and either I jerked it off or my .270 rifle was off.  I have not shot or seen a deer in the last two seasons and anything is possible.  Will be getting my rifle checked out before I head back to the woods.  Here are some photos I took of my first hunt of the 2017-18 deer season. 
A nice hunting cabin.

A beautiful lake for fishing.

Love this "new" deer stand called, The Pond Stand, with a staircase.  New windows will soon be installed soon the owner said.

Being dropped off by the hunter who owns the land that invited me with his wife who is also a deer hunter.

Driving to their deer stand to hunt.

He told me to watch to the left side of the stand.

A big buck was killed to the right of the stand.  

A very nice opened field planted with mustard greens that the deer have been snacking on. 

As I raised up to look down this funny looking spike was right in front of the stand.

Mama doe with two yearlings to the left showed up.

A doe comes out in the field and then there were three. 

Had a wonderful afternoon hunt and was great to get out in the wild and wonderful Mississippi outdoors.  Maybe next time I will get lucky and get meat in the freezer.

Gone Hunting!

November 25, 2017

I've been invited to go hunting this afternoon and looking forward to getting in the woods in a brand new deer stand 12 feet up with a staircase.  Hope I get a deer in our great and wild and wonderful Mississippi outdoors!  Wish me lots of luck!  Marian  

Charlie’s Huge MS Doe!

November 25, 2017

Young hunter Charlie who lives in Memphis, TN came to MS with his Dad to put the smack down on this huge doe yesterday.  Dad, Chris Tudor said it was almost 200 lbs. and he made a perfect shot at her with his savage 12 LPR and a 129 grain Hornady American Whitetail.  He said the closer they got the bigger she got and thought, O LORD, I can't even move her but was able to drag her 40 yards then got a tractor and couldn't lift her so had to get help but it all worked out alright.  The nice scope is an Athlon Cronus, 4.5-29x56 MIL.  Chris said he absolutely loves it, and Charlie does also. 

What a big rifle and doe for this little hunter!  Congratulations, Charlie on an awesome HUGE doe in our great wild and wonderful Mississippi outdoors!  Way to go!

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