Are Pigs Smart?

March 4, 2012

Last Sunday, I wrote a post on a Wild Boar's Boiler Room and just recently came across an article about how smart pigs are.

Its seems like the pig advocates the world over won a victory for the pig by establishing this past March 1 as Pig Day.  This was a day to reflect on the vast intelligence of this often underestimated animal.

Just how smart are pigs?  Scientists have proven that they are smarter than chimpanzees.  In one experiment, pigs were taught simple words and phrases, and three year later, they still remembered the words and could follow commands!

Other evidence that pigs are intelligent animals?  Mother pigs sing to their babies while nursing. Pigs lead complex social lives similar to primates.  They often try to outsmart each other.  While all Pig Day advocates agree that pigs are smart animals, their only remaining debates is how to celebrate.  Should we enjoy a feast of bacon, ham, and pork chops - or not?  You be the judge!  (SPS Newsletter)


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