Gone Hunting

November 21, 2017

Good Morning!

November 20, 2017

A Seventeen Point Buck!!!

November 20, 2017

Carmen Lindsay Anderson above is from Athens, Texas and a mother of three.  Her husband built her a new deer stand about a month or so ago and just started hunting by herself the last two weekends.  She had to take her 1-1/2-year-old baby girl with her because she didn't have a sitter.  It turns out she was her good luck charm!  Saturday was the biggest day of her hunting life!  Nobody had this guy on camera so they had no idea he was even out there.  She thought she had missed him and was terribly upset.  Long story short, it turns out she made a miracle perfect shot, she said.  A 17 point buck with a rough score of 190.  She admitted that this was her once in a lifetime buck and I believe it!

Congratulations to Carmen on a buck of a lifetime in the wild outdoors of the great state of Texas!  Way to go girl!  


November 18, 2017

Opening Day Of Hot/Cold Weather

November 18, 2017

Mark Sandifer of Bentonia, MS was trying to deer hunt this afternoon and said he was hugging a tree with 40 mph winds blowing.  For opening day of rifle season in Mississippi, it was pretty hot but later in the afternoon that all changed.  Another hunter said he had just shot one and the bottom fell out before he could track it and hopes to find his deer.  Temperature has dropped pretty fast.    

I did not get to go hunting this opening weekend but hopefully next weekend I will.  When you don't belong to a camp anymore and you have to be invited it is few and far between hunts which I hate.  I wished I own land with a deer camp on it.  I would love that!   

I remember my first deer hunt which was on an opening day back in 1986.  A big thunderstorm came and we all waited for a couple of hours for it to slacked up but all the other hunters got impatient and left camp and went home.  We stayed and finally after the rain slowed we got on the 3-wheeler and went to our stands.  I climbed up on my stand and within 5 minutes I had a 6-point buck on the ground.  Sometimes it pays to be patient and wait it out in our great wild Mississippi outdoors.

Hunting Together!

November 17, 2017

Bright Side

November 16, 2017

Kate’s First Buck

November 16, 2017

Lisa Fortner posted that her daughter, Kate got her first buck this past weekend. It weighed 129lbs. and was an 8-point buck!  She was hunting with her Dad and killed it with a 308.  

Congratulations to little Kate on her first buck in our great Mississippi wild and wonderful outdoors!  Way to go Kate!  I'm proud of you!


November 15, 2017

Thank you, Dear Lord

November 14, 2017

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