Sharon’s Tennessee Turkey!

My hunting friend, Sharon, lives in the hills of Tennessee near Pigeon Forge and has all kinds of wild animals around her home. Monday evening around 4:30 she heard a gobbler behind her house and decided then and there that she was going to get up early and hunt.  She even sent me a message on Facebook to wish her luck.  Yesterday, she sent me her picture with the turkey she got and was so excited for her.  Look at that smile! She is one happy turkey hunter!

She used to live in Vicksburg while her husband was stationed here for over a year with the government.  During that time I invited her to go to my camp to turkey hunt and we did for one full week.  We had a blast and you can check out our hunts.  We did not get a turkey but heard and saw them and I called up two turkeys that came running out of the woods into a field at 70 yards but took off running for the hills.

She has invited me to come and visit her and go turkey hunting and I’m looking forward to that day.  I have a Facebook friend that has made me a “new” turkey caller and I’m looking forward to getting it and practicing for the big day when we can hunt together in the hills of Tennessee.

My congrats to my friend in our great wild outdoors!  You go Girl!  I’m so proud of you!