Brian Latchford (Chief Executive Officer)
Is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of and While in college, and still operating today, Brian started a Head Hunting business with contracts by Multi-Million dollar companies such as: Nestle, Hershey, Heinz and Proctor and Gamble, where he specializes in placing Scientists and Engineers for these and other global companies. Brian has developed and sold many website ranging from personal to business to celebrities in which one website garnered 14 million page views in a 24 hour period. Brian has also been directly responsible for bringing multiple tangible products to market. What that means is that Brian came up with the name, the original logo, as well as brought in the manufacture, sales, and legal team that helped make one specific company a half million dollar company in 18 months from birth. As an avid outdoors-man, Brian has began developing many different outdoor websites in hopes to bring other enthusiasts fresh content.

Jimmy Randall Jr (Chief Operations Officer)
Is the Director of Operations for and is instrumental in recruiting and setting up new writers in the network. Jimmy will be handling many of the day to day activities, including setting up the blogs. Due to his time in the service, Jimmy always meets deadlines. Jimmy, an old friend of Brian’s, grew to love the outdoors while growing up in the Northeast. He later moved out West to explore the vast wilderness where he eventually attended college to obtain a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. After graduation, Jimmy joined the armed forces (Army) and was sent abroad. Recently back in the states, Jimmy teamed up with AllHunt to bring together some of the best outdoor writers.

Troy Lampe (Chief Information Officer)
Mr. Lampes background includes 17 years of industry experience in both Information Technology and Software Engineering roles with an emphasis in global applications, multimedia, and distribution systems. He is responsible for AllHunt’s worldwide IT organization and leads global business process optimization, integration, and automation efforts for the company. Prior to joining AllHunt he took the lead at Wallace Hardware where he converted IT from an overhead department to a profit center and led the company’s managed services delivery efforts. He was responsible for replacing Wallaces 30 year old processes and IT strategy with an updated IT infrastructure, implemented new ERP system, optimize distribution and logistics, and created a new online revenue stream for the company. Prior to Wallace, he managed the consolidated IT organization of Melaleuca – Knoxville, a division of Melaleuca Corporation, the world’s leading developer and provider of direct marketing products. He implemented Melaleucas 6 million dollar WMS, logistics and distribution center project in the Knoxville company. He was at Jewelery Television for 3 years in a variety of senior information systems, and ecommerce positions including the lead in the deployment of JTV’s new CMS, SEO, and online marketing software. He held Team Lead positions and Senior Software Engineer positions at Metron North America, where is was involved in multiple projects for TiVo, DirecTV, and XM Satellite Radio. His first management position came while working for Bike Athletic Company where he was promoted to Director of Information Technology in 1998. After studying Computer Information Science at James Madison University, he began his IT career working for Prodigy Internet as a Software Developer. While at Prodigy Internet he experienced the value and possibilities internet technologies could provide to the public.

Steve McDaniel (Programmer / Strategic Analyst)
Mr. McDaniel has been a programmer since the age of 12 and has worked for many large companies including John Deere and IBM. He is not only our programmer for his experience in website development but is also our strategic analyst. He has a very in depth knowledge of the internet, SEO, WordPress and blogging in general. This ability has helped us in many different ventures besides the Allhunt.  When asked, his most notable achievement was that Steve once had a website ranked #2 in a high volume keyword in just over 24 hours! As a programmer he likes the challenges presented when something doesn’t work or seems impossible, he’s very adept at making square pegs fit in round holes and is a great asset to our team!


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“Blog Squad” Leaders

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