The Unholy Church of the inbred

There are a few things you just don’t do in life. One of them is protest the funeral of a solder who was killed by an IED while faithfully fulfilling his contract with the US military. Another thing that is way out of line is the language used on the signs by this group of so-called Baptists. I won’t even repeat the language but to use God and then a curse word on the same placard is  not anywhere near the right way to do things.

Let me tell you people at the West whatever fake church a little abut my history.

My grandfather served in World War Two. He was a machinist mate on a Patrol Torpedo boat in the South Pacific and died in 1959 from leukemia possibly brought on from exposure to the Manhattan project testing in his area of service.

When I was about ten years old I had the honor and privilege of standing at his grave in San Diego California at the Naval Cemetery  with my younger brother and having my father take a photograph of his two sons standing at the grave of of his father who we never knew.

My family has fought and bled for this nation since its birth in 1775. I won’t sit here and be the judge of which wars were smarter cards to play than others, but it tends to annoy me when I get an email from the Patriot Guard Riders announcing another ride because a certain bunch of cross eyed inbred sister fornicating morons are protesting another funeral of an American serviceman who came home in a box.

You have the nerve to carry signs that say ” Thank God for IEDs”

Maybe I am alone on this one but I still love my country, I know every word to the National Anthem, I still say the Pledge of Allegiance, I pray with my kids, and I still fly both the American Flag and the DONT TREAD ON ME Gadsen flag.

I think Judy Garland said it best…. We’re not in Kansas anymore.