Time Flies – Like Turkeys

I had a Dr. appointment this morning, and was making the long drive into Uvalde.  For anyone who hasn’t driven the Hill Country backroads, let me say two things.

One.  The scenery is always awesome. Between the hills themselves, and the wildlife, there’s always something to catch your eye.  And everything changes with the seasons. 

Two.  70 mph speed limits rock.  I’m about 40-something miles from Uvalde (the closest “city”), and on most days I can average better than a mile-a-minute getting there.  Try pulling that off in the SF Bay Area. 

What makes it really nice is that, even at 70 mph (give or take ten), it’s still a really pretty drive.  And along the way you’re likely to see whitetail deer, axis deer, blackbuck antelope, roadrunners, caracara (Mexican eagles), and any number of smaller critters.  The landscape is big enough to absorb the speed and still be fairly impressive.  So even hauling ass down the road, you’re not missing too much.

Anyway, on my drive to Uvalde this morning, I was enjoying most of the normal things, when movement over the road caught my eye.  At first I thought it was one of the omnipresent buzzards, rising off of anothe road-killed deer carcass.  But then I saw the elongated neck.  “A goose,” thought I?  “What would a goose be doing here?” 

But as I got closer… it nearly clipped the roof of my truck, I realized that this was a turkey… a really, hefty tom turkey! 

“Whoa,” I must have murmured.  “What the hell is that all about?”

And even as I wondered, I realized that the sky was full of flitting, flying turkeys.  Literally dozens of the big birds were hurtling overhead, lifting from the cedars to cross the road.  “Why,” I wondered some more, “were these turkeys crossing the road?”

When I got home this evening, after spending a few gainful hours at the smokehouse, breaking down deer and hog carcasses, I realized that it will be December in a shade over 72 hours.  Four weeks from today, it will be Christmas day (actually, since it’s nearly midnight local time, four weeks from today will be nearly the end of Christmas day).   Five weeks from today, we’ll be dating our checks 2013. 

It seems like the year barely got started before it was over. 

Time and turkeys flying in the same day.  Ponderous.